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Balhannah Recycle provides a variety of Adelaide Hills recycling services for any type and size of the company, from homes with one person living in them all the way up to large corporations. If you're tired of trying out different ways to best handle your waste, let us take care of everything from picking up scrap metal or waste to sorting and recycling it.

However, waste does not disappear on its own. It is critical that we dispose of our waste properly so that it does not pollute or contaminate the environment.

Balhannah has evolved into an efficient collection point for all of your Adelaide Hills recycling needs.

Beginning as an aluminium, cans and bottles, batteries to scrap metals recycling depot, we have expanded our service over time, offering cash for cars service to get rid of your unwanted clunker for top cash.

We'll take care of the waste by properly disposing of it, so you don't have to worry about how or where it ends up!


Metal Scraps

Stop Landfilling Your Waste And Start Converting It Into Money

Dumping unwanted scrap metal is a difficult task. Before you throw your car batteries and white goods away, STOP!

Recycling is a great way for us all to avoid wasting materials. Aluminium, cans and bottles, copper, and other recyclables go back into the system when they're recycled so that we don't have any waste ending up in landfills where there are limited spaces.

Balhannah Recycle, servicing metropolitan Adelaide, pays for scrap metal recycling, including copper wires, brass to stainless steel, radiators, and even cans and bottles!

Our cash for scrap metal Adelaide services are the ideal way to ensure that your old metal materials are responsibly repurposed and reused. We can arrange a fully customised recycling solution that is ideal for your specific needs, as well as competitive scrap metal rates for a variety of different materials. Set free from all kinds of trash on the property with our scrap pick-up service!

We are the best in town and pride ourselves on offering Adelaide hills recycling service, along with high quality and reliable customer service. We know you won't find a better Adelaide Hills recycle service!


Our Advantages

    The service is popular in Adelaide for seamless bottle & can recycling. It further leads to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the environment due to waste management.


    Get all the accurate details on the bottle & can recycling over the helpline number. Recycle products on simple terms with our help.


    The best bottle & can recycling service is here! – Do not let the products create become waste in your property & get rid of them at one go!


    The service ensures 100% recycling of wastes & pick-ups from the client locations. We have one of the safest recycling policies in the region.


Removing your bottle caps makes the process faster which means you get paid faster.

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A Smarter Way To Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Clunker

The feeling of purchasing your first car is an unforgettable experience. Time also tames our emotions, but not just that; the vehicle becomes less valuable as it gets older, and we must put money into maintaining both if they're going to last much longer!

Dealing with car scrapping is not something that one person can manage alone. We're passionate about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. That's why we always take care to recycle anything that could be recycled, even if it means a little more work for us!

Have you been in an unfortunate accident with your car? Or do you want to get over that old junker of yours? No matter if you have an old, used, or junk car that you don't need anymore and want to get rid of, we can help. We pay cash for cars Adelaide hills of any make, model, year, and condition.

You can feel good knowing you're making money while helping the environment! Balhannah Recycle saves you time by shredding your documents for you. Why bother? Speak with one of our helpful staff members today to learn more about how we can assist you in effectively managing your waste.

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We help to support the Recycling Lives charity, which fights homelessness and helps the vulnerable by providing life-changing training, work placements and accommodation. You can help us to transform lives forever.