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The type of waste and how much you have will decide which skip size you need. Skip sizes are described in cubic metre (m³) dimensions: as a general rule of thumb, 1m³ is approximately equal to one standard 6×4 foot trailer, filled level to the top. Our skip sizes also include lineal metre descriptions of the height, length and width of each. If you cannot cut up long or wide items, simply measure their length, then look at the dimensions of our skips to order the size that best suits.

Please look at our skip sizes to determine the area needed for each bin size. Remember that the roll-on roll-off bins normally require more space than skips.

This varies from council to council, so it is advisable to check first. Outside your property, there are certain legal responsibilities to consider: insurance, lights at night, warning barriers, etc.

Yes. We are committed to recycling and continually seek to improve on our material recovery knowledge. Even your general waste will be recycled at the Adelaide Hills Recycling Centre, where up to 92% of general rubbish is typically recycled.

Asbestos removal is a specialised area, for which we hold a current EPA Transporters Licence. Due to the nature of asbestos, special prices for disposal are available on request. We can supply a bin, but please familiarise yourself with all legal requirements regarding the removal and wrapping of asbestos waste. If you need to, we can put you in touch with a licensed removalist.